We are currently conducting clinical trials for our leading urinary incontinence products in multiple sites across Canada.

Adult male UI sufferers and practicing urologist interested in participating should register below and we will provide you with more information.

Dear Urinary Incontinence Sufferer,

If you are using at least a pad or diaper a day to manager your urinary incontinence (UI) you might benefit from participating in a study of a medical device intended for UI sufferers.

Over the past eight years, Life360 Innovations and its partners have developed a unique product for this challenging and distressing condition. In brief, this is a discrete device that is inserted into the urethra, which blocks the involuntary flow of urine. It is removed prior to voiding and is washed with hand soap and water and re-inserted. The study urologist and nurse will provide training on its use and you will receive instructional materials, including a DVD to take home. If you like, your partner may also attend the training with you.

Study participants use this device for 30 days following enrolment in the study. Participation in this study will require you to see the study physician up to four times, complete some lab work at the start and end of the study, watch a short DVD, review some written material and follow-up with the study nurse.

You will also be required to keep a daily diary of device use and the study nurse will conduct up to four telephone interviews (approximately 10 to 15 minutes each) to monitor your health, complete a questionnaire and obtain feedback. We encourage participants to provide comments and feedback as the goal of the study is to provide a measurable improvement in the quality of life for participants with urinary incontinence.

Please notify us at +1 (604) 653 0360, or call us Toll Free at: +1 833 543 3311 or info@life360innovations.com if you wish to find out more about the study.

On behalf of the Life360 team:
Robert Orr, BSc, CA, CPA, CBV
President & CEO

Please provide contact details if you are interested in trial