We are pleased to announce that Health Canada has granted Life360 two Class II licenses for its Contino® Suite of Products.

Contino® is a novel, internationally patented medical device designed to help manage urinary incontinence (UI) in adult males. The Contino® has been in development for over eight years and was the subject of a recently completed five-year, multi-site Canadian clinical study.

There are limited treatment options available for adult males dealing with UI – the most common being adult diapers and pads. The Contino® is a clear alternative to diapers and the other management techniques currently available to UI sufferers.

This novel medical device has the potential to transform the lives of many Canadian men. Below are a few quotes from some of our clinical trial participants:

“I’m going back to normal. When I used to skate before - I could go for 2 hours without even thinking about the washroom. Now I need to stop after one hour, but without the plug - I would just be leaking all the time.”
“It's been 12 years since my prostatectomy and that's how long I've had the (incontinence) problem. And out of those 12 years, the past two have been the best since starting the device.”
“It will give you a lot more freedom. The plug is a lot easier to pull out and replace than a pad and it allows you to go for a reasonable amount of time before you need to empty out.”
“I think it's really wonderful, it has changed my life.”
Dear Urinary Incontinence Sufferer,

We are pleased to report we have received our Class II Health Canada Licenses. We have opened our first Contino® Authorised Clinic in Vancouver, BC: Dayan Physiotherapy and Pelvic Floor Clinic. More clinics will open across Canada in 2019.

We have stopped recruiting for our clinical trials in Canada but are considering future trials in the UK and US.

If you wish to find out more about the Contino® Suite of Products or book an appointment at one of our Contino® Authorised Clinics please contact us at or call toll free in North America at +1 833 543 3311.

On behalf of the Life360 Innovations team:

Robert Orr, BSc, CA, CPA, CBV
President & CEO

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