New Clinical Study in the Greater Toronto Area: We are now enrolling male volunteers with urinary incontinence to participate in a post-market clinical follow-up study for Contino®. To learn more, please click here.

We are pleased to announce that Health Canada has issued Life360 Innovations two Class II licenses for Contino®.

Contino® is only available through Contino® Authorised Clinics. To learn more about Contino® or find a Contino® Authorised Clinic near you, please visit

Contino® is an internationally patented medical device that has been clinically proven to reduce urine leakage from stress urinary incontinence (UI) in adult males. The Contino® was developed over eight years and was the subject of a five-year, multi-site Canadian clinical study completed in 2018.

There are limited treatment options available for adult males dealing with stress UI – the most common being adult diapers and pads. The Contino® is a clear alternative to diapers and the other management techniques currently available to stress UI sufferers.

Contino® has the potential to transform the lives of many Canadian men. Below are a few quotes from some of our clients:

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