Contino® Urethra Insert

Contino® is a non-surgical, personalised, self-managed bladder leakage solution for men who are tired of pads/diapers and want to regain dignity and independence, so they can live life to the fullest.

Our Contino® brand is committed to improving the quality of life of men with bladder leakage by offering a discreet solution that provides protection, independence and dignity through empathy and innovation.

Why Contino®

Contino® was inspired by a prostate cancer survivor who was left incontinent and was frustrated with the existing alternatives: invasive surgery or medication with side effects, bulky pads that leaked and smelled, unwieldy external catheters that had to be continually emptied, or penile clamps that caused swelling, circulatory issues, skin rashes and urethral scarring. This man wanted to get on with life without the worry of urinary incontinence being the main focus of his day.

Contino® urethral insert, is a non-surgical, personalised self-managed licensed medical device that controls bladder leakage in men. Much more than just a device, Contino® is an integrated solution that includes personalised fitting and support from incontinence specialists, so men can get on with life.
Contino® Inserter is assembled with the Contino® for insertion into the male urethral.

Contino® Gauge is a measuring tool used to measure the size of the opening of the penis (meatus) and is used in clinic by Contino® Authorized Trainers.
Contino® is sold through a proprietary network of Contino® Authorised Clinics, which have experienced continence medical professionals providing a personalised fitting and ongoing support.