Utility Patents

We have utility patents granted or pending related to our urinary incontinence device in the following jurisdictions:

Plug and Inserter (Original Utility Filing)
US, Patent No.: 9,707065 B2
Canada, Patent No.: 2,769,343
EU: prosecution phase
China, Patent No.: ZL 2010 8 0036319.X
Hong Kong No. 1170409
Macau, Patent No.: J/001990
Israel, Patent No.: 217823
Japan, Patent No.: 5801804

Urethral Plug and System
US, Patent No.: 10,441,396
PCT: prosecution phase
Canada: allowed
EU: filed

Inserter for Urethral Plug
US: 10,485,644
PCT: prosecution phase
Canada & EU: filed

Design Patents

We have design patents granted or pending related to the urethral insert, the inserting tool and our urinary incontinence sizing tool in the following jurisdictions:

Contino® urethral insert
US, Patent No.: D835784
Canada, Patent No.: 179427
EU, Patent No.: 0044680718-0001
Brazil, Patent No.: BR3020180002717
China, Patent No.: 201830035649.6
Hong Kong, Patent No.: 1800149.5
India, Patent No.: 310669
Israel, Patent No.: 61542
Japan, Patent No.: 1611487
Australia, Patent No.: 201810384
South Korea, Patent No.: 30-988300
Macau & Mexico: Pending

Contino® Inserter
US, Patent No.: D835273
Canada, Patent No.: 179428
EU, Patent No.: 004680718-0002
Brazil, Patent No.: BR3020180002695
China, Patent No.: 201830035648.1
Hong Kong, Patent No.: 1800150.7
India, Patent No.: 301669
Israel, Patent No.: 61543
Japan, Patent No.: 1611488
Australia, Patent No.: 201810388
South Korea, Patent No.: 30-987416
Macau & Mexico: Pending

Contino® Gauge
US, Patent No.: D787,671
Canada, Patent No.: 165,380
EU, Patent No.: 002951509-00001
Brazil, Patent No.: BR3020160020507
China, Patent No.: 201630162408.9
Hong Kong, Patent No.: 1600849.8
Macau, Patent No.: D/001635
Israel, Patent No.: 58530
Japan, Patent No.: 1561102
Mexico, Registration No.: MX/f/2019/001446

Last updated: 2020-02-20

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